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Escenario de un establecimiento con interior.

Formato de los modelos:



También incluye un archivo .unitypackage para Unity

Versión utilizada de unity:

 Unity 2020.2.1f1


Los modelos de este paquete están bajo la licencia CC0, puede consultar más información sobre la licencia aquí .

Algunas texturas obtenidas :







Scene of an establishment with interior.

Model format:



It also includes a .unitypackage file for Unity

Unity version used:

  Unity 2020.2.1f1


The models in this package are under the CC0 license, you can find more information about the license here.

Some textures obtained:





Inspect it on Sketchfab

DINER by Elbolillo on Sketchfab

Skybox made with:https://didaduddel.itch.io/skytool


"One or more textures bundled with this project have been created with images from Textures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit www.textures.com for more information."

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Tags3D, Atmospheric, Low-poly, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Unity, Unreal Engine


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DINER.rar 137 MB


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Hello! I really like it, but unfortunately I can’t use it because it works very poorly in Unreal Engine, I tried to import FBX, but the collision doesn’t work correctly, and the pivot is not where it should be. I would be very grateful for any help.

Looks fantastic, just wanted to know if I could make a commercial game with this, and maybe should my dev career gain some success, we could work together in the future as I have a horror series plan. Let me know.

Sure, it has a public domain license.

I've seen this on VRChat a few months ago, lol

Third in the line up, short effective, some good earned jump spooks. Some very nice work with the building of tension and environmental story telling.

Hola elbolilloduro, no sé si sabes, pero hace poco cree el videojuego de Ronald McDonalds, aprecio mucho lo que haces, no sé si es pedir mucho, pero quisiera que hagas otro asset de un restaurante así podré crear la secuela del juego, igualmente muchas gracias por la oportunidad 😁

Dejo mi juego aquí: https://rightardev.itch.io/ronald-mcdonald

Si lo había visto esta muy bueno, Ya tenia planeado hacer otro pero tengo que terminar 2 asset que subiré pronto no debería de tardarme mucho, estaría subiendo el restaurante como a mediados del mes que viene o antes 

No hay problema, sigue creando más assets se te da bien, estaré esperando más cosas que publiques 😁👍

Saw this 3 times and was confused until artcle kindly explain it was the same asset

Gonna give the devs credit they took one diner and give them good use without some lazy drag and drop


how can i edit this in blender? also i use godot and plan on making a qick lil game to kick start my game dev journey(or continue it i guess).  and how to i apply the textures? thank you!

Do you see the broken materials?


i import it into godot and its all grey

Deleted 1 year ago


Hey Elbolilloduro,

I'm a huge fan of your assets! I just created a game for the Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2. The theme was: You're Not Alone

If you want to check out my game:

Alone In The Diner


I saw the game just when a beauty came out

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had lots of fun playing this. good job! does the music map to certain triggers to add layers or something? loved the audio

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Question may I use these assets in my game I'm using unreal engine 4

I think so

Very nice looking diner!  It has quite a logical layout I feel and I love the dense forest surrounding.   I cant want to see it in some games :)

You're absolutely killing it with these, outstanding job!!

Great work as always 

I really appreciate all these. Is the preferred way to support you by paying for these or another way?


just leaving a comment

    inspires me to do more