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Used one of the monsters in my game "No way out". Thank you! :)

Amazing work!

How can I open those rar. models in blender?

First you have to extract the rar, inside is the file to import

Lovely pack. only 2 issues. the sofa's uv seems to be broken, but fine in motel package.

secondly, where is the clothline in this image? i cant find it after downloading "All.rar"

I removed the clothesline because it caused an error

That's a shame.. maybe you can share the RAW files? Maybe I can find a a way to make it work.

I'm ~very new~ to Unity. How do I import these properly to use a single model from a set?

ima use them

Gracias, ya as usado en mi juego

Thank you, these are wonderful assets. Here's the game where I used them:

Global illumination doesn't seem to work for me, can you help me?

perfeito ! Ótimo trabalho

That's a very nice collection of models, food, furniture, flat TVs, electronics.  I wish I were experienced with 3DSMax so that I could use them.

these are incredible!


Great Work ❤

Great as always, thanks a lot ! Keep up the great work