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i will made a psx game with your models

very nice! I was wondering if you are going to do a christmas one aswell?


Of course

great models!

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Game isn't available for download till October 31st, but i used these in a Halloween PSX horror game here:

Here's the trailer for a sneak peak!

Thank you so much! (Could not have come at a better time!)

Pumpkinhead became the best antagonist I could hope for! <3

This is really cool! :)

Incredible work as always. Thanks!!

Your work is awsome

woooooow, so cool!

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happy early halloween, and great job on making amazing assets like always. really love this, and always love the style of ps1 you make. it truly feels accurate, and nostalgia. at this point, when I think of the ps1 style, your models come to mind. I'd love to see more models from you, and thank you for being such a kind person, and such a down the earth person overall. thank you for giving away such amazing, prefect assets in such large quantity and quality that it's beyond anything I've seen, you're very talented.  overall, I'm glad to be one of many that uses your assets for games, showcases, and anything else. once again, amazing job, I hope all is well 



I hope the textures of the corpses are not real hahaha. Impresive job